Item# SurfTiki

Product Description

Hold on to your long boards surf daddy's! Professor Speedo has just created a future Kar Kulture masterpiece! If you find a cooler hood ornament than Tiki Surf Fink send it to me and I'll eat the thing! If you don't draw a crowd around your grill or hood with this hood ornament nothing will. I mean c'mon, dig this freakin' thing. Tiki Boy is shootin' a curl holding a flaming torch while his shades wearin' dog Taki is hangin 5 on one paw. Check the details: Tiki Boy is sportin a gotee, flowered baggies, Von Speedo ball cap complete with flying eyeball is on backwords. His wood grain, splits and all, is incredible. Same goes for the 9'6' longboard flyin atop a 4 footer. Like all of our products its made from jewel quality Silver laden Pewter polished to a chrome like luster. It has a 1/4 x 20 brass insert in the bottom for mounting. Hey if you don't put it on a car it'll be so cool on your desk or shelf